Praise for “Fear to Shred”

A start-up thriller set in the heart of Silicon Valley.

People are Talking About “Fear to Shred”

Here’s what people are saying about “Fear to Shred” — coming soon. 

Joan Gelfand rips the shiny consumerist veneer off of Silicon Valley startup culture like a bandaid from a high tech scab. Fear to Shred is written with the same rhythm as life at a startup: a lot happens and it happens fast. But make no mistake, this book is more than the story of a modern woman negotiating the Si Valley old boy’s club, it’s quirky, it’s cute, it’s packed with geek glitz, and it’s about real life and real people in an unreal culture. Enjoy the ride!

– Ransom Stephens, bestselling author of Too Rich to Die.

“A delightful job catching the complications of life and love in the crazy world of startups.”

– Kimberly Unger, Sci-Fi Writer and Video Game Executive (Playchemy)

“An exciting page turner.”

- Lindsay Bleier, CFO, Smartsheet

“The best transmedia project I’ve come across.”

- Peter Miller, Chief Technologist, US Gov’t/Publisher, Encanto Press

“Hip & smart”

- Mike Morton, Software Engineer

In “Fear to Shred”, Gelfand gives us a wild, no holds-barred, insider’s view of the secret underbelly of Silicon Valley where launching a new startup is like jumping out of an airplane and building own your parachute on the way down. Welcome to SV, where greed, betrayal, and cheating on your lover are as common as saketinis, and eighty million dollars can depend on which of your crazy ideas is getting the most ‘Likes.'”

Mary Mackey, New York Times bestselling author of “A Grand Passion”

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